Claims Procedure Manual

1. Objective:
Tangerine Life has a customer-focused approach to its business and is committed to effective and efficient claims settlement. The average timeline for settlement of claims is 48 hours.
The prompt settlement of claims is the hallmark of Tangerine Life with a record that has not been broken by other insurance companies in the institution.
Claims are registered and on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This information is submitted to the Board of Directors every month and timely payment is a key performance indicator.
Once claims notification is given, the claims unit registers the claim and processes it upon receipt of full documentation. Where there is incomplete documentation, supporting documents are made to ensure that claims are settled on a timely basis.
Upon receipt of the required documentation and Executed Discharge Voucher, claims would be settled within 48 working hours.
Tangerine Life staff at all levels understand and comply with the processes that are used to ensuring prompt claims settlement and continually build on these processes.
2. Claims Procedure:
Tangerine Life has several methods available to process claims within a given time frame which includes the following:

  • Issuance of death claim notice by Customer or Claimant or Account Executive.
  • Registration of claims notification.
  • Authentication of the Funeral Scheme existence.
  • Proper verification and review of the policy contract
  • Adequate determination of the organization’s liability
  • Verification that a scheme or policy was in force as at claim event date
  • Confirmation of Customer’s death by demanding substantiating documents where there is a death claim
  • Proper filing of acknowledgement copies of documents sent and received.
  • Verification of claims substantiating documents and value
  • Determination and identification of Claimant / Client
  • Signing of Discharge Voucher by Claimant / Client
  • Request for death claim documents for sighting purposes where there is a death claim
  • Processing of claims
  • Settling of claims
    The claims procedure in Tangerine Life is administratively designed to ensure that claims are settled on time and that leakages are reduced to the barest minimum.
    Upon full documentation, claims are processed by the claims unit and go through the Chief Technical Officer and the Audit department to ensure that fraudulent claims are nipped in the bud.
    3. Claims Procedure and Documentation
    Death Claims Documents
  • Medical Certificate of the cause of death issued by the medical doctor that last attended to the deceased and National Population Commission Certificate of Death
  • Due completion of Tangerine Life’s “Death Claim Form” by the medical Doctor who last attended to the deceased.
  • Burial certificate issued by local government council, in the geographical area where he was buried.
  • Named beneficiary who will receive the benefit
  • Police report if death was caused by accident
    4. Claims Notification Steps
  • Request for death claim documents must be in writing and could be delivered by either the Broker or directly to the client.
  • A mail can also be sent first, to make the request get to the desired quarters before the written letter to avoid unnecessary delay, a letter will be delivered to them either by post or through the marketer.
  • Ensure that all details and any deadlines are recorded. The complaint checking for things such as severity, potential impact, complexity and priority of the investigation taking into consideration priorities, complexity and deadlines.
    All complaints should be responded to within 2 business days. Customers will be informed if it will be longer than that.
    5. Claims Notification Steps
    Any customer service concerns: A customer feedback process ensures that Tangerine Life actively seeks details on how well we did what the complaint was and if it was an exception or a systemic issue that requires process improvement.
    Methods of Response: Tangerine Life believe in old fashioned customer service and we pride ourselves on providing real Customer Service Representatives for our Customers to speak to them if there is a complaint or dispute.
    This means that the main method of response to customer complaints or disputes by Tangerine Life will be telephone contact by one of our expert Customer Service Representatives. However, we are guided by the preferred method of response if one is indicated by the customer such as by email or in writing.
    Escalation Process and referral to the Top Management: The escalation process is to ensure that customers are aware of how Tangerine Life handles their complaint. It outlines how we attempt to resolve the issue at the first point of contact and gives them an understanding of what steps to go through if they feel that their issue has not been adequately addressed.
    First call resolution is a Key Performance Indicator for the Tangerine Life customer service team.
  • First Level Resolution- Tangerine Life frontline staff is committed to responding to the first point of contact - Still dissatisfied
  • Second Level Resolution- Complaint is referred to our Customer Advocacy Team for review and resolution - Issue remains unresolved?
  • Third Level Resolution- If the issue remains unresolved or the customer is still dissatisfied, the customer is referred to the Executive Management for further resolution.
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